The Marcy Report Part II

Another bedside update.  Marcy is doing fine she has some pain and discomfort.  We expected that.  Right now she is sleeping.  She wanted to go visit Pauline earlier so she walked over there.  It was a brisk walk and she decided it was better to go back in a wheelchair after visiting for a bit.

Just in case anybody is wondering Pauline will be going home (well to a motel room at least) today,  she doesn’t want to so they might decide to keep her,  she is doing good as well.  She says she has almost no pain unless she turns on her side.

After she got back to the room she was ready to take a nap.  They where talking earlier about releasing her but when while sitting next to Pauline the RN walked in and she said proberbly tomorrow.  Which is fine by us.  She still needs to go to the bathroom.  They pulled her hose lol.  She also needs to finish some more water.

Okay need to go while she is sleeping I’m going to grab a bite in the cafeteria (my diet is non existent over here,  no healthy options and this is a hospital :-?) at least I’m still drinking diet.  I guess I’m just going to have to compensate when we get home.

More later………

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