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V10 Cpu Cooler What An Awesome Piece Of Hardware

I reviewed the V10 CPU Cooler from Cooler Master for Bright Hub.  The results where unexpected extreemly good.  An improvement of 6C degrees less from the stock cooler.

The V10 CPU Cooler uses a Perltier element.  An piece of electronics I’ve always thought could do a good job at cooling the CPU.

The only problem always has been the hot side of the Peltier.  A Peltier element has a hot and a cold side.  It therefore can be used to cool down or heat up.  Cooler Master cleverly used the cold side for cooling down the CPU.  The Hot side they use a radiator like design with heat pipes to dissipate the heat away from the element.  The cool side is attached to heat pipes as well these heat pipes run over the CPU base and cool the CPU.

For more on the V10 please read my article on Bright Hub

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