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How To Search Terminal Commands Recently Used

“Mini How To” How To Search Terminal Commands Recently Used.


You know how to skip through the commands by using the arrow up and down keys but wouldn’t it be easier to search through the commands?  In this Mini How To I explain how to do it.

Recursive Search

You’ve typed in a long command for instance:

sudo hddtemp /dev/sda && sensors | grep Core 0 && sensors | grep Core 1

To check the temperatures of the machine that you’re working on.  You’ve checked it once and after a couple of days you want to use it again.  To do so as said you can scroll through the commands using the up and down arrow keys.  It might take while depending on how many commands you used after this one.

How To Invoke Recursive Search

You invoke recursive search by hitting the ctrl+r keys on your keyboard.  Then you type in one of the words out of the command I choose “sensors” and now the command will pop-up.

I’ve been using this a lot lately I use Terminal all the time so my list of commands are pretty big.  This is a real time saver.

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