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Fix Kopete Crashing On MSN Sign In

“Mini How To”: Fix Kopete Crashing On MSN Sign In


I have experienced some crashes with my Kopete lately.  Every time MSN would try to sign in Kopete would crash.  I searched around on the Internet.  But couldn’t really find an answer.

So I’ll provide one for people having the same problems.

The Solution For A Crashing Kopete

The solution is really quite simple just remove the configuration files.  Here is the thing Kopete has those files in two places.  Both located in the .kde/share/. Run the following commands in Terminal to remove the files.

sudo rm -R $HOME/.kde/share/config/kopeterc
sudo rm -R $HOME/.kde/share/apps/kopete/

That’s it restart Kopete and the problem is fixed.  You could proberbaly only remove the MSN files but this works just as well.

If you have a problem and you can’t find a solution for it write me an e-mail.  Or leave a comment.  If you have the problem then more people might have the same problem.  I’ll write an article about it and help you and them out.

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