Kubuntu Mini How To

dd With Progress Bar? Try dcfldd

UPDATE the below described method doesn’t work any more click here to read “dd With Progress Bar 2.0”

“Mini How To” dd With Progress Bar? Try dcfldd.


As you know dd works very well but it has no progress bar.  There is really no way to tell how far along dd is.  This is annoying if you are waiting for dd to finish.  In this how to I’ll show you how to install and use dcfldd.

How To Install dcfldd

Open terminal or adept or synaptec what ever is you flavor of choice.  In the latter search for dcfldd.  In terminal Type:

sudo apt-get install dcfldd

How To Use dcfldd

In basic the use of dcfldd is the same as the use of dd.  I have found that using bs=1k doesn’t work.  I had to remove the “k” from that option and then it worked.  The only change is the progress you can now see.

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