Monthly Archives: December 2008

Ebay Holiday Shopping Tips

I buy a lot of my holiday gifts of e-bay.  When doing this you have to be careful who you buy from and what you are buying. I follow these [...]

Cosmos Black Label Edition…Awesome!

Cooler Master released an awesome looking Cosmos the Black Label Edition.  They have released one of a kind versions of this case before se [...]

Want To Get Utorrent To Work On Linux?

I wrote an article about how to get Utorrent to work under Linux. If you really aren’t able to let go of Utorrent. Then read this arti [...]

Give And Take

Why not buy a laptop and give a laptop this Christmas?  The Xo Laptop is a great way to teach your child how to start using a computer and [...]


The Ironman Triathlon is on today on KCRA 3 where we live. This was held this year in Kona Hawaii.  Triatlon is an amazing endurance race s [...]


Gisteren waren we in het ziekenhuis, nee niet voor iets ernstigs, Marcy moest een endoscopie ondergaan als onderdeel van de voorbereidingen [...]

Feels Like Christmas

I’ve been writing articles for Bright Hub since October of 2008.  I love it it’s a good way to get my knowledge across to a big [...]

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

This post I’m going to quote from and redirect you to is why I’m all for Linux in schools or at least opensource software in sch [...]

Bill Ripkin Mystery Solved

The Infamous Bill Ripkin baseball card has been a mystery ever since it was discovered a reporter at CNBC decide to unraffle it.  He found [...]

Old Cartoons

I love old cartoons.  I used to watch them all the time as a young boy in The Netherlands. I still watch them now shhhttt don’t tell [...]
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