OH San Ramon Meeting 2008

The Meeting in San Ramon was awesome.  We were planning to go up to San Ramon on Saturday morning, but we got an invite by Jenn. aka NavyWife-Mom-of-5 to come up on Friday night instead.  We accepted her offer and haven’t regretted it one bit.

Jenn. is an awesome woman and fun to hang with.  We went to the meet and greet on Friday Night and met everyone we wanted to YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE.  Back in the room jj_in_CA aka Jan and hubby came up and we stayed up late talking about various subjects not all bariatric related.

Saturday time for the conference.  After the excellent introduction of Joanne Fee it was DR. Thomas McNemar turn to speak he explained the many plastic surgery procedures.  A big part of heeling for most WLS patients, they just don’t feel like surgery succeeded with out cutting of the extra skin.

Bariatric Surgeon DR. John J. Feng was next and explained his method of Gastric bypass.  Very interesting talk, he actually hand stitches the pouch to make a stomach of 5cm long and 1cm wide.  In short everybody should come check out his talk next time.  He was very entertaining as well.

Sue Lassetter talked about how to coach somebody.  I tried this on or parrot Max and he expressed his feelings after about 2 minutes of coaching.

The Break for lunch.

After lunch “Da Shrinking Dawg Ramon” brought many people in the room to tears (Yes including a big guy like me) with his touching and inspiring story.  Another must see if you ask me.

For the very needed fitness advice Jeremy Gentles Bariatric Fitness Guru took the stage and thanks to jj_in_CA aka JanI now know how to do the death lift.  I’ll be forever fit now with Jeremy’s tips.

Then it was time for the main event (sorry everyone else) “The EggFace aka Shelly and MeltingMama aka Beth Show” that was a lot of fun and very very tastey too lol.  Shelly you are a great public speaker and with Beth’s sparkling personality this was the best part of the OH Event.

I would like to thank Kim Gyurina and her daughter Kirsten, Joanna Fee, Jeremy Gentels, Chris and everybody of the team I forgot.

Now for the Pictures:

Feel free to leave comments below you do not have to register and it’s free 😉 or do so on OH.  If you want pictures for yourself let me know.  I can send you the pictures in a bigger resolution.


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