If You Want It Snipe-it With Myibay

I like bargian hunting whether it is in Walmart or online.  One of the best sites to do this at is on ebay.  But how do you get the great deals how do you win that auction with that low price?’s sniper is the answer.  You can get the add-on for Firefox here it’s what I use.

How does it work?
First this is not for “Buy It Now” auctions, you don’t need it for those auctions they already have a set price.  Goto the page on Ebay of the item you want to buy.  If you installed the add-on than you will find a Snipe-it link on the site:


If you are not watching the item yet then the watch item button should be above it.

The second way to do this is via the login with your Ebay account and select tools click search and search for the item then follow the directions to Snipe-it.

I’ve been using this service a while now and have not noticed any suspicious Paypal activity.  Also my account has not been hijacked (which was one of my concerns).

If you want to win it Snipe-it.

The author of this blog did not get any payment for writing this blog post. Nor is he affiliated with Myibay in any way.

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