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Get K3b To burn MP3's

Update: Made changes below to offer solution for K3B in 9.10

“Mini How To” Get K3b To burn MP3’s

If you have used k3b before and tried to burn a audio CD from MP3’s then you know this doesn’t just work. You have to install some codecs to get this to work. Here is how:

Install the libk3b2-extracodecs like this:

sudo apt-get install libk3b2-extracodecs

For users of Kubuntu 9.10 use this:

sudo apt-get install libk3b3-extracodecs

Thanks LCC:

As of 2/20/2009 you have to use:
sudo apt-get install libk3b6-extracodecs
If you are using an older version of (K)Ubuntu then you might have to run this command instead:
sudo apt-get install libk3b2-mp3

As always let me know in the comments below if this worked for you or not. I will try to help any one who runs into issues.

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