Ebay Holiday Shopping Tips

I buy a lot of my holiday gifts of e-bay.  When doing this you have to be careful who you buy from and what you are buying.

I follow these rules when buying of e-bay.

  1. Do not buy from anybody with a feedback score of 0.  This almost goes with out saying.  It is real easy to get a feedback score they could buy something first and build up positive feedback this way.  There is no reason for somebody to have a feedback score of 0.
  2. Do not buy any media cards.  People have bought fake media cards (the ones that go into your digital camera).  Buy these of the chance of buying fake media cards is lower on amazon then it is on ebay.
  3. If you buy electronics then check if the item you’re buying is American build.  For instance Canon digital camera’s some of the items will say Japanese model.  Don’t buy these you will not be able to use the manufacturer warranty on the new items.
  4. Use Paypal always always always use Paypal.  Paypal has saved me numerous of times when buying for a seller who did not send an item.  You start a dispute on Paypal en within week or so you will have your money back.
  5. When buying refurbished only buy factory certified refurbished items they often come with a factory warranty.

Finally just use common sense when buying on e-bay.  If a deal sounds to good to be true then it usually is.

Shop save even if you do so on e-bay.


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