Blog Updates & New Development

new_27_look.pngYesterday I updated all my blogs to WordPress 2.7 so the back-end looks pretty now and is a improvement when it comes to workability. Also worked on a WordPress plugin of my own yesterday. I now have so many blogs running, that I decided it would be handy to be able to switch from blog to blog within the Admin dashboard. So I wrote a quick little plugin that will let me do this.

I haven’t decided yet I I’m going to release the plugin after it’s done. But it isn’t finished yet, it is working but needs an options page and some database tables. As soon as I finish the plugin I’ll decide on releasing it.

I am also working on a new concept for a website. It might even turn into two the way it is looking now. I can’t say to much about the idea, I don’t want somebody else to beat me to the punch lol, but the website will be geared to helping a lot of people.

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