Monthly Archives: December 2008

If You Want It Snipe-it With Myibay

I like bargian hunting whether it is in Walmart or online.  One of the best sites to do this at is on ebay.  But how do you get the great [...]

Adding Sources To Adept Easier Then You Think

If you have been using Linux for a while then you have come across packages you love using, but are not in the Ubuntu repositories.  Some p [...]

Ktorrent Could This Be The Best Torrent Client For Linux?

When I started using Ubuntu in the beginning of 2005 one of my criteria for being able to switch was a good working torrent client.  After [...]

Kerst 2008 Bij De Van Der Linden's

Het was weer jolly kerst 2008 geen Amerikaanse kerst dit keer met duizenden cadeautjes maar gewoon wat dingen die we echt graag wilde hebben [...]

Nieuwe Ontwerpen Voor Al Mijn Blogs

Sommige van jullie die ook mijn andere blogs volgen hebben het wel gezien.  Ik heb op al mijn blogs dat is: (m [...]

Ever Heard Of Is a website where you can in short:  Post a video and start a conversation.  People can then reply to your video and thus it [...]

Network Compatibility In Linux Sometimes A Big Problem

Network compatibility has been a problem especially with wireless networking.  Some of the hardware is supported and some of it is not. I w [...]

Help! I Can't Get Sociable.css To Work

Having problems with Sociable? Having problems getting the sociable.css to behave? The answer is taking a look at you WordPress theme source [...]

Blog Updates & New Development

Yesterday I updated all my blogs to WordPress 2.7 so the back-end looks pretty now and is a improvement when it comes to workability. Also w [...]
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