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Samba vs. NFS

When sharing files, just like with anything on Linux, you have more then one option, and you should make your choice based on what you need. We’ll take a look at both SAMBA/CIFS and NFS in this article.

What are the Features of the Two?

Samba Server

  • Windows can connect to it natively without installing third-party software.
  • Assists in network browsing. With or without NetBIOS.
  • Acts as a Windows NT®-style Primary Domain Controller (PDC).
  • Acts as a Backup Domain Controller (BDC) for a Samba-based PDC.
  • Acts as an Active Directory domain member server.
  • Joins a Windows NT/2000/2003 PDC.

NFS Server

  • Faster then Samba when transferring large files over the network.
  • Easy to setup on any Linux system.
  • Supports Kerberos for authentication.
  • Has the ability to squash root so clients accessing the shares cannot access root files.
  • Uses IP-addresses to authenticate the client. And, is thus easier to setup.

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