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Mitter – A Desktop Client For Twitter

Are you tired of having to refresh your Twitter homepage every five minutes? Then you need Mitter. In this review of Mitter, we also show you how to set it up and give a little background on the Twitter craze.

Why Twitter or Mitter?

Twitter is a micro-blogging tool used by people to post “tweets” of what they are doing at the moment. Some even use it to report to the world about current news events. World disasters, such as the May 2008 earthquake that hit China, have reached Twitter first, before the news media was on the scene to report to the people.

What Is Mitter?

mitter06.pngMitter is a desktop tool that allows you to read and post tweets on your Twitter account. It resides in the task bar for easy access. The Mitter icon will change from a “m” to an “m with a star” when new tweets are posted.

Mitter is written in the Python programing language, PyHildon (similar to PyGTK), so Mitter can be used on both Gnome and KDE.

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