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Krusader – One of the Better File Browsers

In the Linux world, you can choose from a lot of different file browsers. Each distribution often comes with its own flavor. Krusader is a KDE desktop file browser, but it will work on Gnome as well. In this article, you will find why I think it is great to use.

Why choose Krusader?

If you are like me and use a current version of Kubuntu (here is what I use), then you might find that D3lphin, which is now said to be the standard file browser, is insufficient in providing the more advanced file-browsing options. For one thing, it doesn’t have tabbing, which I use alot. It also doesn’t have a very good built-in search for files. D3lphin uses Strigi, and I haven’t been able to get any good search results from Strigi.

The following link will take you to a website I just started writing to check it out.

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