Stay tuned

I’m currently working on several posts for madberry.org so please stay tuned as I finish up and test the posts I’m working on.

Soon a new feature will be added to madberry.org screencasts. I will be walking everybody through how to do stuff. Next to the write up with all the commands this should be a good feature for people who first want to see what happens. I’m not sure yet when I will add this feature but I’m sure it won’t be to far in the future.

I’m also working on making getting info to resolve a specific problem easier by providing a script that you can run, and it’s result which you will be able to upload to the server, will help me diagnose problems faster. Plus I won’t have to keep typing the same commands over and over again. 🙂

Also every body that visits this website and has a specific problem please contact me and ask away. Maybe I can even feature your problem in a post.

That’s it for this quick update you can always contact me I e-mail everybody back that I get mail from. Also if you have a problem with a post or you have any improvements that I can do please mail me.


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