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AR242x The saga continues

Here is the Solution currently used on 8.04: How To Get The Atheros AR242X Wireless To Work 2
Here is the Solution currently used on 8.10: How To Get Atheros AR242x To Work On 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

Some good news for AR424x users. Intrepid Ibex the new version of (K)Ubuntu will support the AR242x natively. This means non of the work a rounds are necessary any more. At least we hope that they will not be.

I hope in the future that if there is a problem like this again that Ubuntu development team will act quicker to include drivers for important chip sets like this. Just from the responds on both of my posts on how to get the AR242X to work I can see that this should have been dealt with a lot faster. Just like the Suspend Hibernate problem. Ubuntu Linux will turn in to just another unusable distro’s for n00bs and first time users that don’t have the computer knowledge to dive into terminal and fix this problem.

I’ve been able to get some of my costumers to try and like Kubuntu. If any of those people how ever had to set up the AR242X them selves then they wouldn’t have converted from windows.

I would like to be able to get more customers to make the switch. But I can not sell them on not being able to use a device because I can’t get any drivers for there spanking new printer or other device.

If this would not be an issue and drivers like this could be included faster then I could get so much more people to make the switch from bloat ware windows to light weight usable ((K)Ubuntu)Linux.


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