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Sound problem fixed.

As said I have a A205-S5825 Toshiba Laptop, and I was surprised when sound worked out of the box but dmix didn’t. Haven’t been able to find why but today I had some extra time and I finally fixed it.

Description of the problem:

Normally ALSA(Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) will install Dmix out of the box and it will work right away in this case for some reason it didn’t. Possibly because of an issue during installation of the OS.

As a result of this problem Amarok kept popping up the same error. And my music wouldn’t play. Audicious same problem. I use Festival to to tell me I have mail or a message in my messenger. Festival would sometimes work and sometimes not.

To fix this I ran the following commands in Terminal:

Let’s make sure that we remove all the old ALSA stuff.

sudo apt-get remove --purge alsa-oss alsa-base

Remove the conf file out of /etc:

sudo rm /etc/asound.conf

Let’s reinstall everything.

sudo apt-get install  alsa-oss alsaplayer mpg321 alsaplayer-alsa alsa-base

At this point restart you computer.
Let’s test:

alsaplayer -o alsa -d plug:dmix some.mp3 &

Run that command twice with different MP3’s and you will notice it is now working.

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