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So I've Installed Kubuntu, now what?

“How to use Adept Package Manager to install packages”
Allot of Kubuntu(or Linux in general) evangelists will tell you that Terminal is the way to go.  However for people that come from the Microsoft “point and click” windows environment this might be harder then we think or assume.  That is why I try to add a non Terminal way if I can.

As a new user to Kubuntu you must have allot of questions like where do I find anything in Kubuntu if “point and click” is your thing then the start menu is the way to go this icon is your friend:


You can find it in the left bottom corner.
It is home to all applications on your Kubuntu installation.
There are 6 category’s on a new installation of Kubuntu(that means before adding any other applications):

If you take your mouse and just browse through all the category’s you’ll see that the applications you find are what you would expect.

In Graphics:

Digikam the Photo managing app also used for downloading pictures of your digital camera.  I use Digikam all the time to browse my photo’s and manage our big photo library.

In Internet:

Konqueror the goto web browser in Kubuntu.


Amarok a music player and manager.


Openoffice Write(Like Microsoft Word) The word processor.
Openoffice Spreadsheet(Like Microsoft Excel)  For all your spreadsheets.


Konsole Terminal love command line.
KSysGaurd Kubuntu’s Task Manager see what all processes are running.


Kate an awesome text editor.
Speedcrunch The calculator in Kubuntu.

So now you’ve used the applications for a while and you wanna discover the rest of the great applications you can get for Kubuntu 24969 packages the last time I checked.

You can through Adept Package manager some of the guru would now say make them use apt or Synaptic.  The point of view from this post is to help the “point and click” people so installing through Terminal or installing another package to install packages is not the solution.

You can find adept under System in the start menu.

adept_password.pngWhen adapt starts you have to put in your password because Kubuntu(and other Linix distro’s) require a password to install apps on you computer, this is to prevent self installers form installing just anything on your system.(a very good security matter against viruses that Microsoft has just implemented in the release Vista.)

The the Adept Manager window opens up.


Let’s install some games in the search bar type kdegames:

Adept starts searching right away so no need for a Go button. Here is the result of that search:


Click on the blue arrow in front of the kdegames package.

Now click on “Request Install”:

Then click “Apply Changes” in the menu bar:
It’s grayed out on this image but you get the picture.

Adept will download the kdegames package and all dependencies(other packages needed to make kdegames work).

Then it will prepare the packages for installation:

Click on show details and this is what you see:
What you’re looking at now is plain old terminal output.

After the package is installed you’ll go back to the Adept Manager window:

Now close this window click the Kubuntu menu button you’ll see a new games category.
you can install a whole host of applications for instance type “internet” in the search box and see what you find.

If youy want Firefox installed just put “firefox” in the search box and install the Firefox package…Now you can surf this site with Firefox.

If you like “point and click” and don’t use any of the “harder” to install package then you can use Adept Package Manager for all you installing goodness.

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