Hairy Hardy Upgrade.

Some of you are now going to say “should have done a clean install”.  But here goes anyways.

Our server named “Perniciose” which translates to “Fatal Error” a Latin name from the saying “Non erravi perniciose!” which means in English “I did not commit a fatal error!” but I digress.

Had to be updated from Kubuntu 7.10(Gutsy Gibbon) to 8.04(Hardy Heron) , we use a Desktop on the server because it doubles as our Entertainment PC and is hooked up to the TV and has several HDD’s in it.

This operating system was upgraded from 6.10 to 7.04 to 7.10 and now to 8.04 normally you would read on forums to just do a “clean install” which is why I like to have my /home partition separated from my root partition.  But I like to test stuff and decided to upgrade all of the other machines in the house got a clean install.

The update halted of froze how ever you wanna call it, on setting up locales

After the update I got several “Bad Super block” errors not quite understanding what was going on I tried to restore from a Super block backup elsewhere on the disk that didn’t work.  So now what.

After carefully studying the terminal output in front of me and checking fstab i discovered that the disks now al where SD’s instead of the HD’s in the fstab.

Let me explain a HD(Hard Drive) is a device and is therefore found in the /dev directory, before my first hard drive partition was /dev/hda1. This some how changed to /dev/sda1 and this was the case for all of the hard drives in the server.

Strange but it happened. it my /home partition was also on the list og partitions that weren’t working, but for some reason it did start up from the first hard drive partition and even got to terminal where al the errors where printed(or some say echoed) to the screen.

The solution was quite simple just rename every hard drive partition in fstab.  How ever one of my 160GB disks with a lot of video content on it didn’t wanna cooperate.  Luckely my wife was nice enough a while ago to order a spare 160GB drive which enabled me to copy the contents over to the new drive because the drive after giving a host of errors still mounted.

Ran fsck and that fixed the problem.

Here are all the commands used to fix the problem:

df -h

To find out what is working as expected.


Gives a list of mounted devices.  To see if the device that gives errors is mounted.

sudo fdisk -l

This gives you the list of hard drives in your machine.  And here is where I noticed the problem.

sudo nano /etc/fstab

To fix the problem edit the fstab file.

sudo mount -a

Mounts the drives.

sudo fsck /dev/sdc1

To fix errors on the disk that still gave an error.

Don’t know how to close a text file in nano click here

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