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We’ve been using OpenDNS for as long as it has been open to the public.  I watch an insane amount of IPTV which I will talk about in an other post.  When watching one of my shows(can’t remember which) I saw a segment about OpenDNS.

Alright here is why it is better then,  and you should use it instead of the DNS provided by your ISP I’m going to asume you know what DNS is if you don’t click on the link to find out.

Here is what OpenDNS says there service can do for you.

OpenDNS is a service that makes your Internet faster and more reliable, and keeps you safe from phishing Web sites trying to steal your personal information.

It makes your Internet smarter, too, sending you to the helpful OpenDNS Guide when a Web site is down or offline. We set it up for these reasons, as well as to limit access to certain Web sites.

OpenDNS is customizable for you.

Personal shortcuts let you type something short and easy to remember into your address bar and automatically be taken to a Web site of your choice.

Set up shortcuts on OpenDNS Guide (look for the “Create shortcut” link at the top) and start zipping your way around the Web now.

Enjoy your safer, faster, smarter and more reliable Internet.

Why is it saver? I’m sure that you have heard about Phishing websites, sites that steal user accounts from e-bay and bank websites for the shear purpose of defrauding money from people who put there information into the forms provided by the fake site.

OpenDNS even prevents you from accidentally visiting Phishing websites.

And I most say yes sites load up faster using OpenDNS in comparison to our provider Wavebroadband(previously known as Charter).

So how do I know what DNS is being used now?

Will tell you what DNS your using.

So your convinced now that you want OpenDNS how exactly do you set it up in Kubuntu.

Let’s make it happen.  The easy way is using Terminal:

In Terminal type:

[bash]sudo nano /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf[/bash]
To open en start editing the dhcp client config.

find the line:
[bash]#prepend domain-name-servers;[/bash]
And replace it with:
[bash]prepend domain-name-servers,;[/bash]
You can paste stuff into terminal by clicking shift+insert.
Save and close the file ctrl+x then y then  enter.

Before this will work you have to restart your network you can do this by restarting your machine but why do all that just run this in terminal:

[bash]sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart[/bash]

Let’s test to see if we are using OpenDNS open your favorite browser and copy and paste this to the address bar:

If everything worked then you should a page with this on it:

Welcome to OpenDNS!

Your Internet is safer, faster, and smarter
because you’re using OpenDNS.

Thank you!

If you get the Oops page then restart you machine and try again.  If it still doesn’t work, please post a comment.

Happy surfing.


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